Buena Vista Peak, while not much of a destination, is a fun little rock with one of the easiest approaches in the park and is the closest place to climb to Grant's Grove.  The one mile trail has decent bouldering along the way and if you head to the summit you'll be rewarded with a beautiful 360 view of the Kings Canyon high country and redwood canyon.  The climbs are short and the history is scarce, but what's there is high quality.


From the Big Stump entrance station on Highway 180 take a right at the Wye intersection to continue on the General's Highway towards Sequoia.  The trailhead is 4.7 miles down the road on the right, just past the Kings Canyon overlook turnout.  

From Sequoia take the General's Highway north towards Kings Canyon and it's about 20 miles past Lodgepole.  

From the trailhead, follow the trail until it's roughly on a small ridge with the peak in sight ahead.  The trail goes on the left (east) side of the peak and switchbacks to the top.  To get to the climbs stay on the ridge, following small use trails straight ahead and work your way up to the slabs on the north face.  The two climbs shown here are on this slab.  More climbs can be found on various cliffs around the west side of the peak but I do not have info on those.  All routes can also be approached by rappelling from the summit.

All routes can be rappelled with a single rope or walked off.

Buena Vista Peak (updated 11/24/2018)