The Watchtower from Upper Tokopah Dome.  Also, some feet.

Tokopah Valley


Tokopah Valley is a beautiful glacial valley with easy access from the Genral's Highway.  A 1.7 mile trail follows the Marble Fork of the Kaweah up to Tokopah Falls, a long cascade where the water from the Tablelands and Pear Lake tumble down below The Watchtower.

In the winter there are ice climbing routes next to the falls and along the southern rim of the valley.  In summer there are tons formations to climb from the alpine feel of The Watchtower to the orange chicken heads of Tokopah Domes.  Other cliffs line the valley with plenty of room to explore and rarely a climber in site.


All of the climbs are accessed from Lodgepole in between Wucksashi Lodge and the Giant Forest.  A ranger station, visitors center, grill, market and campground attract many hikers during the summer.  All facilities are closed during winter.