‚ÄčImportant Note on Moro Topos!

Moro Rock is a large and complex formation.  The topos show major features but not a lot of detail.  For example, you can park a school bus on some of the ledges shown but many smaller features are not drawn in.  Also, I have done my best but have not climbed every pitch so there may be minor errors. 


Coming from the north or south simply make your way to the Giant Forest and take the road near the museum to Moro Rock/Crescent Meadow.  In the summer or on busy weekends the road may be closed to private vehicles during daytime hours, in which case you can park by the museum and take the shuttle out to Moro Rock.  If you arrive before or after the shuttle hours you can usually drive out in your vehicle.  If you take the shuttle in and miss the last one out you will have to walk almost two miles back to your car.


Moro Rock is a large exfoliating dome hanging over the north side of the Kaweah River drainage below the Giant Forest.  Its massive west face captures climbers' attention on the drive up from the southern entrance of the park.  While first climbed in 1861, steps were later built on the north ridge and provide a beautiful summit view for visitors and an easy walk off at the end of the day for climbers.

The climbing on Moro is excellent and varied with routes from low 5th class up to 5.12 and anywhere from 40 feet to ten pitches.  The west face is 1,000 feet tall and broken by many ledge systems so climbs can be mixed and matched in countless ways. The east face is a bit shorter and the south face is not as steep as the other two but holds several long classic moderates.  Portions of the east and south faces have seasonal climbing closures for Peregrine Falcon nesting, please abide by the closures so the whole area doesn't get closed for nesting like Chimney Rocks.  Closures are usually from April 1st through August 15th, visit http://www.nps.gov/seki/planyourvisit/rockclimb.htm for more info.

Though the climbing is superb, Moro Rock is not the place to push your limits.  Some climbs are very safe and will take all the gear you have, but others rely on 30 year old button heads or knobs that are no longer there.  It is up to you to figure out which is which.  Even the more user friendly routes can still have serious sections so please take care while exploring the featured and solid granite on Moro Rock.  Another objective hazard is the summit viewing platform.  I have nearly been hit by several objects, including a full water bottle that started 500 feet above.  Wear a helmet!

Moro Rock