The Neat Wall is a small crag at the edge of the Giant Forest.  The routes are one pitch and somewhat hidden in the forest but they are fun and have the benefit of easy and relatively quick access for anyone visiting or staying in the Giant Forest area.  All of the routes were put up in the early 90’s by Jeff Scheuerell and/or his friends when they worked in the park.  Most routes require minimal gear up to about 3”, some stopper and a few runners.  There isn’t really a good spot to get an overlay picture of this rock, I tried.


Park near the Giant Forest Museum and locate one of the trailheads that leads to Sunset Rock.  After roughly half a mile there is a small meadow on the right, leave the trail here and head left down to the top of the Neat Wall above Deer Creek.  The left side (as you descend) is the easier approach.  If you go too far on the trail you will find low angle slabs, if you leave the trail too early you will descend to the creek without seeing the wall.

Neat Wall