Dan himself on the classic first pitch of Jammies (5.8) with Larry on belay and Rene' Ardesch manning the camera.  A typical scene at Danland

Danland is located on the Mineral King road and is an outstanding new addition to SEKI climbing.  It is one of the few year-round crags and, while most areas are mixed, Danland is predominantly high quality cracks of all shapes and sizes.  

All of the routes have been pioneered by retired ranger Dan Dellinges and various friends.  He did not coin the name but it comes with good reason.  Hand drilled, ground up first ascents are the name of the game and they are well protected and very well done.

I did not make the guide but have made it available on here, with permission, thanks to the generosity and good nature of Larry Zulim who made this rough draft mini-guide for everyone to enjoy.  Work is still being done at the crag so if you decide to visit and see ropes or anything please leave them be.  Ours is a small, friendly and very trusting community of climbers.  We would love to keep it that way.

For further information download the PDFs below and have fun!

Edit:  The first few areas in the guide are at or to the left of where the main trail meets the base.  The later formations, after the picture of a shadow in the topos, are to the right of the approach trail.

Danland (Update 1/26/2017)