​From Lodgepole take the Tokopah Falls trail east for 1.7 miles.  At or near the end of the trail cross the river to its south side and scramble up to the base.  If the riever is too high to cross it is possible, but not enjoyable, to go cross country from the parking lot to The Watchtower along the southern bank of the river. 

 Once on top the best way to descend is to take the Pear Lake trail west for two miles towards Wolverton and then a spur of this trail will take you another mile down to Lodgepole.


The Watchtower in Tokopah Valley adds a new dimension to the local climbing.  The north side of the valley has featured domes, long slabs and some cragging, but The Watchtower is closer to the alpine realm.  Some pitches can be vegetated or loose but the formation is predominately solid granite and begs to be climbed when you first see it.  Only four routes have been recorded up the main face.  However, there are cracks and a few scattered bolts along the slabs at the base.  Any information on these climbs would be appreciated.

The Watchtower